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Can You Last the Whole 10 Minutes?

The Student Government Association is here to help you make those ten minutes the most enjoyable minutes of Spring Finals Week 2013.Image

SGA is hosting the bi-annual Club Milner Spring Finals Week Dance Party on Sunday, May 5 from 10-10:10 p.m. DJ Club Soda (Cody Walker) will be providing the tunes for everyone to get their groove on to. 

All students are welcome to attend our dance party! We will gather outside of Milner Plaza 10 p.m. and once the music begins playing everyone start dancing. When the music stops, all students must return to their study areas or return home. 


A couple important things to note: Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended during the event for risk of theft, please be safe when coming and going from this, and please be courteous to others while dancing. Also, anyone who is under the influence of any substance, such as illegal drugs or alcohol, will be removed from this event and further action may be taken.

Follow @ilstusga on Twitter and use #clubmilner leading up to and during the event for event updates announcements.


Senator Spotlight — Ben Adams



Position Title: President of the Assembly and Off-Campus Senator

Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Hometown: Springfield

How long have you been a member of SGA?

One year in the Emerging Leaders Program and two years in an elected position.

What is your favorite part about being a member of SGA?

Being able to review and enact policies that enhance the lives of Illinois State students is fulfilling. SGA members come to me for guidance on writing and reviewing their resolutions and bills, which is also one of my favorite aspects of being President of the Assembly.

What is the best SGA related moment this year?

Helping to write, edit and pass the bereavement policy this year. The bereavement policy grants students the ability to receive excused absences in the event a student’s family member passes away during an academic semester. This policy was an exciting moment because this was a perfect example of how much SGA can affect every student’s ISU experience.

How has SGA helped you become an overall better leader?

SGA has helped me learn how to balance multiple tasks at once, overseeing all members of the legislative branch, working together with committees and serving as a primary mediator when conflicts and issues arise.

Cardinal Court Recipe Books — Brendan DeVlieger

As the Cardinal Court Senator and On-Campus Coordinator, I am currently working on a recipe booklet for the Cardinal Court residents. The booklet will contain several simple and cheap recipes for ISU students to prepare.

I understand that financial situations may be tight for many college students and having a free recipe booklet on-hand that calls for inexpensive but delicious ingredients may help out.

Living in Cardinal Court provides the option to opt out of the dining center meal plan and although many students chose to have a meal plan, many did not. For those who have opted out, they will be able to cook a heartier, healthier meal versus the college student go-to of Ramen Noodles or macaroni and cheese.
With my role as Cardinal Court Senator and On-Campus Coordinator, I try to make on-campus resident life easier for students. I also get to sit in on Academic Senate, where as a senator, we have a say in university policies.

I am here to represent you and your needs as a senator, so please reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns at

Written by On-Campus Senator for Cardinal Court Brendan DeVlieger

Senator Spotlight — Freddie Alvarado


Position Title: Vice President of the Assembly and Off-Campus Senator

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Shorewood

Other organizations you are involved in?

  • Vice President of Delta Chi Fraternity
  • Vice President of College Mentors for Kids
  • A mentor in the Emerging Leaders Program
  • The undergraduate student-representative on the Presidential Search Committee
  • Member of the Student Grievance Committee
  • Student Health Advisory Board member
  • Inter-Fraternity Council delegate

What is your favorite part about being a member of SGA?

The opportunities you get to work closely with ISU faculty and staff and being able to represent a large constituency group is rewarding. Not everyone can say they see Al Bowman every week.

What is the best SGA related moment this year?

Being part of the homecoming parade was fun! I enjoyed being able to show our school spirit and to get other students excited about ISU.

What projects are you currently working on?

A texting service where off-campus students can text in feedback about SGA and anything related to the university. The majority of our feedback comes from on-campus students and we are trying to get more diversity with our feedback by reaching out to off-campus students.

An ongoing program is planning and organizing office hours on the quad. Senators spend an hour on the quad talking to students about SGA news and events.

Promoting awareness of the new smoking policy.

Come May, I will be working on the annual Club Milner Dance Party during Finals Week.

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