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Senator Spotlight — Ben Adams



Position Title: President of the Assembly and Off-Campus Senator

Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Hometown: Springfield

How long have you been a member of SGA?

One year in the Emerging Leaders Program and two years in an elected position.

What is your favorite part about being a member of SGA?

Being able to review and enact policies that enhance the lives of Illinois State students is fulfilling. SGA members come to me for guidance on writing and reviewing their resolutions and bills, which is also one of my favorite aspects of being President of the Assembly.

What is the best SGA related moment this year?

Helping to write, edit and pass the bereavement policy this year. The bereavement policy grants students the ability to receive excused absences in the event a student’s family member passes away during an academic semester. This policy was an exciting moment because this was a perfect example of how much SGA can affect every student’s ISU experience.

How has SGA helped you become an overall better leader?

SGA has helped me learn how to balance multiple tasks at once, overseeing all members of the legislative branch, working together with committees and serving as a primary mediator when conflicts and issues arise.


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